Thinking about your personal or professional plateau?   Think again.


I'm Janet. Let's get to it.

You're a successful midlife professional on the edge -- of a new identity, change or contribution.  You've read books and attended classes.  But... generic Best Practices led to generic results.
I offer something different: An anti-hero Regenerative Leadership Framework. Along with a growth-minded community, you'll renew your next chapter, business, or cause.
Transform your "1st-half" successes into "2nd-half" significance with modern science, ancient wisdom, and a nudge from me.
  • Create life-affirming habits 
  • Evolve personally & professionally
  • Become non-displaceable
Teachers are everywhere.  What's needed are learners.  Build more capability with an anti-fragile, Regenerative Leadership approach.  Let your unique essence shine through.


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Build Value-Creating Teams

An Anti-Hero Approach to Team Consensus
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Reduce emotional distress and build compassionate relationships
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Regenerative Habits    

Learn and apply the Tiny Habit process to core High-Performance Habits: Clarity, Energy, Courage, Regenerative Thinking, Productivity, and Purpose.  Practically, this program can positively impact your health, confidence, relationships, stress, and success!

Based on rigorous research and authorization to teach Tiny Habits and Certified High-Performance Habits, you'll design habits for personal and professional success.

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Best Future Self Now

Best Future Self & Systems for Intact Teams

Dream bigger than you ever dreamed and take tiny steps to get there.  Transform your life, business, or causes using vibrant, life-affirming principles. Embrace a higher order level of success.

This program is for high-achieving change-makers ready to evolve personally, professionally, and systemically.  Build capability in your thinking, doing, and being. 

We'll follow an anti-hero approach that includes reflecting on your unique experience, ancient wisdom, and Regenerative Habits. You'll learn to quickly recognize micro-misalignments to return to your Best Future Self  and more!

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Regenerative ReSourcing:


"Re-Sourcing" is an anti-hero alternative to coaching using specific thinking instruments, called Living System Frameworks, that help change how you see and engage with the world.  YOU create your cognitive discernment, powerful insights, and options - without relying on an external "guru" for answers!

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Good2GREAT Leadership™


Regardless of our demographics - the world needs each of us to grow into our potential to make a positive impact. 

Taking an anti-hero approach, our aim is to build Personal Agency, Response-Ability and Leadership Capabilities.